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The third full-length album from Italian Black Metallers ORCRIST sees the band writing and playing with a new-found maturity and depth; their uncompromising brand of Black Metal having been expanded to include slower, more atmospheric tracks that perfectly illustrate the poignancy and despair of the lyrics.

ORCIRST has a long history of working with Norwegian bands, having previously released a split 7” with ISVIND, and recently released “Black Destroyer”, a split 7” on Temple of Darkness Records with BEASTCRAFT.  The band has also contributed not only the intro on the ILDJARN tribute album  “Gathered Under The Banner Of Strength and Honour”, but also wrote the lyrics, with Ildjarn’s blessing, for “Unknown Harmony” a previously un-named track on the same album. 


Line Up:

Grav – Drums, Lyrics
Mane – Guitars & Bass
Sacrifice - Vocals
Goblin – Lyrics

DISCOGRAPHY (not including demos, compilations and re-releases)

Det Hedenske Norge - Split 7” with ISVIND (Hearse Records 2003)

Slaged Ved Trollheim - (Desolate Landscapes 2004), From the Forgotten Forest – (The Oath 2005), Black Blood Raised (Warlord Records & Hearse Records 2006)

Split 7” with BEASTCRAFT on Temple (Darkness Records 2007)


Title: ”We Come In War”

Label: Painkiller Records/Apollon

Catalogue no: APR001

Barcode: xxxxxxxx 

Format: CD

Release: xxxxxx

1. We Come In War
2. From The Fog - Enshrouded Desolate Lands
3. Winter Might
4. Mother Of Infernal Night
5. Ode To The Wolf’s Torment
6. Breathless

7. The Silence

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